sad and alone
im really shy until you get to know me and honestly i am very very insecure. nobody cares unless you're pretty or dying.

Posted on Thursday, July 24th
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Anonymous said: A few days ago my neighbour (we're both 15 & lives across the road from me) adds me on snapchat and we talk constantly for a few days even though we've never had a conversation before. He invites me round his house and says he loves me (although we barely know each other) and says how he's looking forward to me coming over. Well anyway I go over and it leads to sex whilst watching a film and after I went home he didn't message me and it's been two days. He used me and idk what to do. Any advice?

my ex is also my neighboor and he did the same thing minus the sex and we were together for over 3 months basically go over to his house and fucking yell at him make him feel like shit

people keep telling me to move on and get over it, well lets see its been 12 days and 16 hours since we last saw eachother, since the last time you told me how you felt about me, since the last time your lips touched mine and maybe im crazy or believe in unlikely miracles but i know you remember and maybe even if you cared about me even a fraction as much as i care about you maybe i would have been enough, our memories would still be engraved in your mind, my smile would be the only thing you love looking at and my voice would be the only thing you enjoy listening too. but maybe now i realize that i never really meant anything to you and i dont deserve to even continue trying to go on because of it

Anonymous said: So my ex decides to talk to me A few days later after we had planned hanging out the Sunday before saying he didn't think I replied back. And then out of nowhere he tells me that he's being horny and wants me to help. He has a girlfriend. And we just texted all night and I flirted back but it just confused me? I mean I like him a little again but I kinda just wanna know what happened there. I'm not expecting anything else.

he probls isnt rly into his current gf and probls is still into you and his current gf may have seen your msg and deleted it making him think you didnt answer

Anonymous said: my boyfriend dumped me after 5 months cause he said he just lost feelings. now he's saying he wants to chill in 2 weeks to see if they come back. im eeling like he's giving me false hope and im just hopelessly not trying to move on cause there's like a tiny chance he may like me. what should I do

my life in every single way if u still like him chill with him but go in expecting the worse

Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd
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found a lil something in my photo album
Anonymous said: I don't know what to do. I hooked up with a boy I liked last night and after when he finished, he looked at me and said "we aren't going to do this anymore" he throw my clothes at me & said "cover up" & he drove me home. he won't talk to me anymore. I feel so used and gross. The worst part is he was so sweet during it. Like he would say " I want you to feel safe" and "don't do anything you don't want to" I'm so sad right now. I want to give up.

dont give up and lol this is my life he probls misses his ex or is into someone else or going through a lot and hes sad and hes trying to find a way to heal himself but either way what he did is fucked up

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Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd
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