'1. November 4: You care too much about me (you never really did, did you?)
2. December 23: I’m so sorry. I’m just so goddamn sorry because I’m selfish. I don’t deserve someone like you but I couldn’t let you go. I can’t. You mean so much to me and I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t know how to handle myself when all I want in life is you (I was in over my head; you’re just another boy who broke my heart)
3. January 9: Your family destroyed my morals and made jokes about my standards (I picked myself up and decided I’m important)
4. January 30: I’m crying my eyes out and all I want in this moment is your arms around me; or at least a response (I received neither)
5. 10 February: I needed you and you left (surprise surprise)
6. 25 February: I keep having nightmares of you cheating on me with the people I loathe or leaving me in the worst ways possible (my head wasn’t too far off, I guess)
7. 5 March: He wants to be around me more than you do (he always did)
8. 18 March: Sorry for being depressed all the time (I’m working on it)
9. 27 March: I’ve been suffering for 4 years (it’s fading slowly; no help to you)
10. 3 April: I always thought you’d be the one to make my life worthwhile (it was the idea of you which intrigued me)
11. 11 April: Somehow I was so fucking happy with you and you ended us
— 11 Things I Wanted to Say to You (but don’t anymore)
'I’m sorry that I cut my wrists, not roses. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to eat popcorn with you at the movie theatre. I’m sorry that some times I will swallow too many pills after I see those old photos of my childhood. I’m sorry that I cause you so much trouble. Please be patient with me. I’m so lost right now, but someday I’m going to be back home in your arms and everything will be ok again.'
— Someday soon we will be happy together (via dumbdaisies)
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His sheets are softer than yours
    'Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice.'
    — (via r2—d2)

    it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

    I know I don't know you but I saw your post. I wanted to say that I'm sorry that you are in that kind of pain and I wish I could take away that hurt. I can't relate on all levels but I definitely can relate to feeling lost and alone. Please give yourself time and be gentle on yourself. Do what makes you happy, take a walk in the fresh air and look at the clouds. You will heal and new people will come into your life. Everything happens for a reason. I'm sorry this is rambling. Best wishes xx
    - Anonymous

    love you omg thank you❤️❤️❤️

    i dont know what to do its like im living only because air is still going through my lungs and my heart is still pumping blood into my veins but if you asked me am i really alive id say no because the only thing ive been feeling is sadness and loneliness and all ive seen is darkness since you left me
    its almost like when you walked away you took everything that made me who i am with you and all you left me with was oxygen and the ability to barely breath
    but living isnt just breathing its loving
    and i dont know how to love anymore